Kairo meaning peace in the Mandiko language, brings a brand new flavour of Senegalese sounds to Australia. Percussive but melodic, soulful and uplifting this group shares the heart of mother Africa with Australia through the international language of music. Incorporating Senegalese dialects Wolof, Jola and Mandiko together with French and English, Kairo takes you on a journey exploring traditional West African rhythms, afro beat, reggae to jazz and salsa. Ousmane Sonko, descendant in a long line of Mandiko musicians shares his diverse talents as a composer, guitarist, singer and drummer. Ousmane founded the group eight years ago in Senegal where they played across the country. Since arriving in Australia in 2010, Ousmane has invited local Australian musicians to join the group, still staying true to the philosophy of the band that "everyone needs peace."